"What I came to realize is
that fear,

that's the
worst of it."



the blog

not cool
~im not a bowtie~

the maze runner

breaking bad



working on
my blog and relaxation tbh

just completed
Breaking Bad Season 5.1


woo comic con


ASSBUTT IS STILL A THING?????????????? l m a o


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MY FEED SUCKS SHIT wow ok im starting over this blog is now (kinda) officially inactive im not even gonna deactivate or leave redirect alright

stay tuned for new url or smth but that might be in another 2 months lol i need to relearn html and im DEFFO getting into new fandoms

i bet u dont even remember me but a little insight into my new whatever:
1) multifandom pero different fandoms!!!! super fresh start!!!!!!
2) making an extra comedy blog bc tumblr no matter how annoying is funny as all hell

so yeah great

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return! (reasons and experience)

Hallo everyone

I’m slowly making a return back from my staggered hiatus (and as most of you should know a lot of my posts were queued)

I’m working this summer so im not sure i’ll have so much time to take good care of this blog

This post is very free and informal bc i feel like i can :3

~~~but yeah just as a quick explanation

the first half of my school year was rather overwhelming and i especially felt the need to make my blog squeaky clean with no stupid comedic posts or many texts

my mind was set on gaining followers and shit that i began post things that werent even of interest to me

although edits are gorgeous and so well done they werent invigorating and failed to entertain me

i stopped posting too many gifs and personals and anything i genuinley liked

(sorry about this disorganization im really not in the mood to think this through)

but anywho i just made my entire blog over and it was absolutely heart wrenching

then there were the dumb dumbs who began to degrade others.. they spoke aloud and felt priveleged. but what can i say? freedom of speech right?

i didnt wanna be affected by all the negative energy (seeing as i react v badly to it) and just left

took a breather

those are always good lol

~~~as for my experience, i can honestly say it was fantastic. not that i did much outside of tumblr, but i did manage to pay much more attention to my life outside of social media. (to clarify, i was also on hiatus for twitter)

it was very liberating.. there was no suffocation

it was a period of time where there were no high expectations for something as insignificant as my blog, nor were there standards made to be met (speaking outside of education etc)

i didnt have to change my theme constantly

no need to update my updates bar

no need to tweak anything on my blog to make it /just right/

i took the breather quite seriously

i felt no temptation whatsoever to return.. no impulses or anything like that

i didnt have to feed myself with unnecessary bull and i wasnt under pressure

i actually dont even know if i can survive coming back now because of how uninterested ive grown in respect to this site, but i wanna keep in touch with culture and most importantly my followers

so thank you guys for not complaining (well not much cared at all anyway lol)

~~~and for some updates on the blog

i still happen to like the style and flavor of this remade blog, so i’ve decided to keep it, find a better theme, a new updates bar, a new whatever the fuck that is in the corner bar, etc etc. ive worked really hard on my blog, actually, so itll feel dreadful taking it apart, but i want to start afresh. *if someone could: please please please assist me in finding new themes, icons, updates bars, blogrolls and abouts pleeeaaaase!!*

itll be really tough bc i completely forgot how to use the html so i have to relearn EVERYTHING… :(((

ill probably also change my url (or not) but make sure you knowww

i dont necessarily like all the things ill be posting but its pretty haha


ill be making a new personal blog as well

Itll mostly be for comedic purposes. ill be sure to update you guys on that! stuff i truly like will definitely be posted there yayayay

i hope this all works out though bc im pretty busy this summer

but yeah please be here for moral support! :)

~~~lastlyyyy update on my summer/life/thing

completed freshman yr of high school two weeks ago (whoopeeee)

started work beginning of this week

wILL BE GOING TO VEGAS ON THE 18TH!!! then los angeles (just a quick stopover) and finally…. SAN DIEGOOOOOOOO!!!!! YAY COMIC CON!!

i know i havent been involved w the fandoms, but ill try to catch up quickly. Jshsjhwkwbdkahdjqbgdkabdkavdjaxjwbjxhwbhxjs im so excITE JSHS AHAHAHAHHH

ill probably be posting pictures on my personal (which you’ll be directed to via this blog) so keep watch!!

~~~oh oh and comments on the dw teaser:


idk how to return from hiatus bc ive lost interest in tumblr

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Already he was a very different hobbit from the one that had run out with a pocket-handkerchief from Bag-End long ago. He had not had a pocket-handkerchief for ages.

all those bright and shining companions

Salvage of a lifetime. You meant the ship. I meant Clara.

saved the world, then? that’s what we do.

the end is coming, everybody R U N

Everybody lives, Rose.